Skialykon – Vestigio [Italy, Black / Ambient] (2015)

Naturmacht Productions | 7-26-15

Naturmacht Productions | 7-26-15

Calling Skialykon atmospheric black metal is a bit misleading for anyone familiar with the term. When one uses the term “atmospheric,” the usual path leads to soaring tremolo guitars and songs about nature and transcendental themes. I guess Skialykon has its fair share of nature themes and tremelo but this one man project seems different. Whether or not it is the moody synth or the slow plodding vocals trails which lead into dark patches of brambles, Vestigio becomes something much different than its siblings. Skialykon soon resembles the ugly child of the atmospheric family.

From the opening track, “Suonator Celeste,” Vestigio appears to be rotting from the inside. This is only thematically as the record has a delightful balance of funeral synth and atmospheric mourning to compliment strong decaying vocals. the fact that each of the tracks on Vestigio are long is a pleasure since each one is treated with either tenderness like the acoustic opening for “Ode alla Pioggia ” or absolute ruin like one of the closing numbers “La morte di Iperborea.”

It should be no surprise at the amount of ground covered by one person. Vestigio works becasue of the dedication by its creator. It becomes not a record but a machine which is operated by its frighting composer. If any record feels like the work of one person feeding fuel into an ever growing furnace which lights a dark chamber, this would be the most recent one recalled. Come for atmospheric black metal or atmospheric black metal which does not sound like things you are used to. whatever the case please come into this chamber as it is hellish and interesting.