Barghest – Into Weeping Firmament [US, Black / Death] (2015)

Self Released | 7-3-15

Self Released | 7-3-15

Hot damn, its another release by the wonderfully disturbed act named Barghest. It is always wonderful to see acts which show tremendous promise in the past only to continue doing exactly what they are capable of. I believe I made many mentions of the band’s name and related Dungeons and Dragons imagery as being a goblin like creature hailing from the realm of Gehenna. Since this is the second review, I will refrain from making parallels between such a bad ass creature despite my best wishes.

I am pretty sure this band has retained the same lineup. I am only hesitant to confirm this becasue Into Weeping Firmament has more in the way of high raspy vocals rather than the deep unearthly growls which populated their 2014 full length The Virtuous Purge. Metal Archives has listed Daemontis as a new singer which is still unclear who he is replacing. This possible change does not stop the record as Into Weeping Firmament is an emotional incident which is full of wailing guitar leads and vocals which swing from a knotted tree limb. It is interesting that the band leans more towards their black metal heritage rather than the death which was a signature of their last release. At just three tracks, songs like “Neo-Promethean” command attention leading one to believe this band capable of a long future in horror.

Barghest has shown themselves as masters of disguise capable of walking through on different grounds as well as carrying the same dedication for horrid aesthetics. The vicious smell of rot and decay populates this short release but still carries the wet sting of freezing rain. I am happy to have found a band with this type of sound which has adopted a name fitting of their sound. May the hell-beasts of Gehenna rob you in your sleep.