Sacrocurse – Destroying Chapels [Mexicio, Black/Death] (2016)

Iron Bonehead Productions | 1-16-16

Iron Bonehead Productions | 1-16-16

In my various years of reviewing heavy metal records, few times have I ever been unnerved like I was when hearing the opening recorded shrills of Sacrocurse’s Destroying Chapels. The shlocky prerecorded screams of victims quickly drops into a brief 13 minute EP of madness and despair. Sarcocurse is being sponsored by Iron Bonehead for this EP but seems to be supported by Hells Headbanger for others. With those two in their corner, there is nothing but profane blasphemy in their future.

If one was not already aware of the music contained inside this brief EP, then allow the first minute or so of “Total Devastation” soften ones expectations. Sacrocurse is hell bent on destruction and leaves the spoils of devastation in its wake. It is not until later in the same song when the band’s ability for powerful riffs comes into play and one can understand the full scope of this band and its release. This interplay between breakneck annihilation and accessible moments of mid tempo riff worship makes this whole venture fun above all else. the highlight of the EP comes with its title track where the band’s ability to push the level of chaotic excitement comes to a full conclusion. This highlight comes right before the somewhat needless but perfectly acceptable Bathory cover which closes the EP.

Destroying Chapels feels like a stopgap before a new album this year or maybe the next. Despite my somewhat lukewarm reception for this EP, it is totally serviceable to people wanting black/death which sounds like running across a minefield. There will be stronger moments than others but the whole experience will be more dangerous than a normal release. Come worship in the ruins of consecrated ground.