LVTHN – Eradication of Nescience [Belgium, Black] (2016)

Fallen Empire | 6-6-16

Fallen Empire | 6-6-16

“It seems some citizens were so impatient for our new offering that it got leaked. As the leaked version is an unfinished version, we adjudged to release the final version officially at bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ download. This way, everyone is able to attain it there and give us some backing would they wish so. Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas! So, it begins…

It is difficult to keep anything a secret even at this level. What you just heard was the collected gasps of a few but a very excited few. One of those gasps was me as LVTHN represented one of the first Fallen Empire releases for me way back int he days of 2014. At the time their debut demo Adversarialism was a blistering step into clear mid fi black metal with the flirtation with raw lo fidelity but none of the morning after headache. Eradication of Nescience continues this work forged in the 11 minute demo and expanding it to a robust 47.

LVTHN is exciting becasue of many things. First of all their approach to black metal catches a feeling of unchained ferocity which can be sometimes tampered with precision and stylistic roadmaps. In the middle of “Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods ” the vocalist laughs maniacally during the breakdown which is both haunting and enthralling. From the slow riff build in “My Indignation” to the guitar wielding in “Ecstatic Liberation,” things which sound typical of a metal record are suddenly new and dangerous. It is the introduction of the unexpected which makes Eradication of Nescience both captivating and addictive. This is black metal which leans over and shouts in your ear when you are trying to sleep.

Seeing a band from a demo to a full length is oddly like watching a child grow where the child is just a bunch of grown adults screaming about metaphysics. From Adversarialism’s black and white block print cover to Eradication of Nescience’s wonderful illustration by Pierre Perichaud, LVTHN ave shown themselves an act which can grow in putrid dissonance. The lead up to Eradication of Nescience’s release may have been spoiled by leaks and piracy but the effect seems to have not spoiled the spirits which have come to haunt every living person on this world. In fact, I think we may have pissed them off to a greater degree. So, it begins…