Vidargängr – A World That Has To Be Opposed [Germany, Black] (2016)

War Anthem Records | 4-29-15

War Anthem Records | 4-29-15

Oh Lord, listen to that sound. If the cover art by fellow German metal musician Alexander Kavtea was not enough indication, A World That Has To Be Opposed is really about that one violent push back against, well, everything. situated in violent brushstrokes, the entire cover plus logo, is painted giving the design a raw and unnerving disposition. Cover art is important ass it is the first impression for most listeners. By this notion, Vidargängr is literally spitting on people who get too close.

It does not take that long for one to really get what A World That Has To Be Opposed is trying to sell. Competent black metal mixed with acid stripped vocals running roughshod over the mix that somehow adds to the overall rawness of the production. This is what Vidargängr truly embodies: chaos strapped together by thin ropes just waiting for the chance to be free. there is anarchy which encircles this entire record and song like “No More Lust” and the Dodheimsgard cover “Starcave, Depths and Chained” allow the band to go fucking bananas and light shit on fire. Even though most of these song lengths call for a more orderly presence, tracks like “No Acquiscence” at almost 9 minutes stills sees the band dripping their vocals over the entirety of the song. This is lawlessness that somehow got into a studio to record an album.

I always have to be careful when it comes to using my recommended tag becasue I use it to remember great albums that have the possibility of fading throughout the year. I am glad I have that tag becasue I want things like Vidargängr to remain special and the fury and excitement of a band running into concrete at 60 miles per hour to be bookmarked in history. A World That Has To Be Opposed is black metal positioned against the world and with the strength of hatred, it is ready to give one devastating blow.