Papa Necrose – Culto a Morte [Brazil, Death] (2016)

Ihells Produções | 1-1-16

Ihells Produções | 1-1-16

Death! Death! Death! Papa Necrose is not on Metal Archives as of yet so finding any relevant information is difficult save for their Facebook page. This is odd since the sound and style of this Brazilian death metal band is 10/10 across the board in terms of crushing entertainment.

Firmly rooted in the old school discipline, Culto A Morte is a split with what I am assuming the Brazilian based Disformes. All of this information maybe wrong as Disformes that is available is a crust band with different logo. The Papa Necrose side of the split however is unmistakable in its aggression and terror as it rips across 4 tracks of macabre revelry. For as much confusion I am encountering with the band, my interest is only exacerbated since this music is so fantastic and vile.

Scouring lesser known heavy metal leads to as many questions as it does discoveries. I get excited when I find a band that is undocumented as it feels like a bomb that has yet to be assessed for any potential dangers. Culto A Morte shows the true possibility of Brazilian death to be as frightening and competent as any of its other geographical counterparts. All hail Ppap Necorse and all hail death.