Brainshock – Rehearsal [Norway, Death] (2016)

Self Released | 12-11-16

Self Released | 12-11-16

Things like this are why I started this blog. I do not do many rehearsals and in fact many rehearsals that are out there are released under the that banner just for the raw credibility as being as far from professional as possible. Brainshock’s Rehearsal is really a practice as you can hear chatter between tracks, uneven audio levels and an air of “let us see how this goes.”Cap this off off with an internet picture of Phillip Channard from Hellraiser II and one has a record that was just put up literally 2 days ago. The reason why rehearsals are still used as an aesthetic is to represent perhaps the raw and baseline potential for a band. If we were going to a projection, Brainshock has the ability to conquer the world.

Even ignoring the fact that this is a rehearsal and kins still need to be worked through, Brainshock’s audacity when it comes to atmosphere is gargantuan. With vocals that assault listeners combined with inhuman riffs give the listener music that is both competent and unstable. Just the intro to “Mind Corrosion” would be perhaps one of the most stunning openers for a band playing in a basement of 10 people. I have been there before and I have just lost my mind.

Listen, I know how it must look. Going crazy over a band’s rehearsal to just dismiss any debut they had saying that this band was better when they were just practicing has almost become its own walking cliche. Releasing rehearsals is borderline parody of underground music but aside from the jokes and attempts to claim credibility through uncaring rests potential for great material in the future. Even if that doesn’t happen, one can sleep at night with this horrid display of inhuman rampage.