Altars of Ash and Bone – I [Unknown, Raw Black / Noise] (2017)

Self Released

Self Released

Happy 2017 everyone. Though it is only 10 days into the year, this is a good of time as any to start digging into lesser known releases for the year. First up is a band that I legitimately can not find any information regarding aside from their Bandcamp page. You know the drill. Pull the blankets your to your face.

Altars of Ash and Bone presents a bleak and harrowing vision of the future; one that is covered in the cinders of human remains. With a guitar tone that is near window shattering, a bass sound that should be arrested, and a production level that is maddening, the noise compliments the horrific nature of the band only in the way ravings of a madmen signal attention. I is logically the first of many demos and or uncategorized releases from this band and I could not be happier for their future.

Finding things like this is important for me because it reminds everyone that good and challenging music still exists. The nature of each of them to buck expectations is exciting as some of them segue into long interludes only broken by chaos while others feel like they are running down empty streets with shoes falling off. Altars of Ash and Bone channels a sense of wild abandon which is halfway between entertaining and terrifying. If I never hear from this band again, it will only alleviate a ball of stress which is welled up inside of me.