W – Winterwomb [Russia, Black] (2017)

Self Released  | 1-17-17

Self Released | 1-17-17

No matter how hard I try, there is always something I miss. 2016 was a great time for heavy metal as well as the year that W released three albums and 1 EP. I do not know why I am just learning about this but let us use the dawn of 2017 to get acquainted with a great black metal project that is buried under six feet of snow.

W is an atmospheric black metal band but not in the way you are thinking. Instead of long twinkling melodies which shimmer over tops of trees, Winterwomb, the four releases from W, embraces the bitterness of Winter with a continued investigation into the feeling one gets when their fingers go numb from cold. W has the same approach to music as acts like Paysage D’Hiver in that their landscapes have just as much death as it does wonder.

I wonder how many albums W is going to release this year. I also wonder if we will ever see anything else besides the cold frigid tomb of winter themes. I sort of hope against the later as the windscpaes and dungeon synth which inhabits the interludes of this album give it a splendid charm which warms the entire album to just above freezing. Use this January to really get in the mood of the season by dropping body temperatures.