Svangur Kvöl – Wreck Of The World [Australia, Black] (2017)



Coming across a band like Svangur Kvöl happens completely by chance. A debut album by a what could be a one person black metal self released project can be hard to keep track of. I think it was the cover and the fact that this album has been made into atleast 6 tapes, which drew my attention. Now that I have it, I am mesmerized by the call of the weird frontier.

Caught somewhere between organized chaos and demonic noise, Svangur Kvöl hurls itself into its subject matter which leans towards local folklore and contemporary politics masked in violent costume. With songs like “Ngayurnangalku,” the band brings forth the folklore of cannibalistic beings living within a salt lake in Western Australia. With a hefty amount of soundclips the chaotic black mixes with death and punk and provides the mortar for a horrid looking house or hut int he middle of nowhere. Wreck Of The World is an angry record from a group of unknown musicians who are screaming with sincerity.

I really do not know anything about this band other than their penchant for supporting native rights. If this is the sound of protest just makes in horror and uncertainty, I can certainly get behind the enthusiasm which runs through this record. Wreck Of The World is battered as much as it bruises others. It is a clear indication of unrest which leaves scorches upon the earthen floor.