Ose – Rituum [US, Black] (2017)


Self Released | 1-30-17

I love the tag of NCBM as if I am missing some big North Carolina black metal scene. Ha. Wait. I am not am I? Please tell me if I am and I will be down there in less than 10 hours. Rituum just came out and by the looks of it, I am the one of the few that showed up super early to this party. With no Metal Archives and a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in years, I can safely wonder if Ose actually exists. If they do not then I have this near amazing demo to show for my efforts.

If we looks at Rituum as a whole, one can hear a pretty standard base of gloom influenced black metal that doesn’t travel to far from what is expected. the instrumentation is functional and the vocals are pronounced and influential to the overall atmosphere. What is remarkable regarding Ose is the extra step the band goes even after reaching the first level of black metal. Ose had no need to give their music those extra dimensions of variance like the slow riff lead into “Mastery and Dominion” nor the near crust influence of “Voided Throne” but the fact those things exist makes Rituum a gem rather than just a really well polished rock.

I am going to assume this is a demo and if I am wrong, the band can correct me via the many social media outlets available. Even if I am not corrected, what we are left with is a fantastic release from a mysterious entity that may or may not be apart of some undocumented black metal scene in the mountains of North Carolina. Seriously. I can get down there if there are things going on.