Vomit Kult – Demonic Art [Unknown, Raw Black] (2017)


Self Released | 1-29-17

Well, fucking fantastic guys, I literally have nothing to go on regarding where you are from since there is no trace of you anywhere on the internet. It is funny that people lament the death of research in the internet age and yet there are still bands that toe the line of known. Perhaps that is where they want to be, right on the cusp of existence.

Vomit Kult has everything locked down with high efficiency. From album art to presentation, to production this raw black act drips grim grime as they blast their way through an EP which borders on cathartic madness and uncaring flippancy. With songs around the 2 minute mark, Demonic Art’s extravagance in terms of playing never leave room for doubt. The short breakdown in “Embracing the abyss” cast long shadows on a record already tucked away in the darkness.

Demonic Art is not the first record where there was little to no information regarding the band members. In fact, I have seen an increasing number of instances in a style that is already more than willing to use an obscuring mist. Perhaps the lack of information is apart of the aesthetic and if that is the case I never want to know their names nor know what they look like.