Ashen Chalice – Ritual Under The Blackened Moon [Croatia, Dark Ambient / Noise / Black] (2017)


Self Released | 3-10-17

Ashen Chalice is more like a journey than a destination. Finding a Croatian black noise project that isn’t even listed on the Metal Archives is sometimes as exciting as listening to whatever was put to proverbial tape. The aesthetic of Ritual Under The Blackened Moon toes the line between dead serious and tongue in cheek humor. The tape design is there as well as the black metal tropes. If it was not for the effectiveness of the three songs, I would have moved on by now.

Ritual Under The Blackened Moon is split into three different styles which all fall under the same umbrella of being too abrasive for many. Dark ambient, raw black, and finally noise all present themselves as three separate horrid companions. These songs are short and are made with a type of care that shows talent buried beneath a blanket of anti social behavior. With the identity and intentions of the artist obscured with noise and grainy photographs, it is difficult to surmise the full scope of this project. What I can say is that Ritual Under The Blackened Moon was effective enough to make me freeze in my step and run a horrid chill along my spine.

Presentation is important and the future of Ashen Chalice seems to just be getting started. With tape releases for Ritual underway, this demo (I guess) could be the start of a very long and moody career. If Ashen Chalice continues poking at the borders of music, then I will be there watching from a safe distance.