Defecrator / Ritual Genocide – Anti-Human Deathcult/Death Exalted [US, Death / Black] (2017)


Black Plague Records | 2-20-17

I mentioned before, somewhere on this blog about my love for splits and ultimately the reason why I cover so few. Even though splits are a fantastic way to experience multiple bands and cover a wade expanse of underground, splits are unwieldy when it comes to titling. Multiple bands combined with multiple titles and artwork lead to a cataloging nightmare when it comes to organization. The Defecrator / Ritual Genocide split is no different as it has two titles and is going to be difficult to neatly pack away. Perhaps this is how it is meant to be as it is beyond human with its sound and does not really belong, safe, anywhere.

Before we go anywhere, the full split can be heard here. With as difficult it is to keep splits organized, the sheer brilliance and devestation heard on this split is more than enough to make the effort. Defecrator offers cavern death in a way that is exciting as much as it is punishing. This is complimented by Ritual Genocide whose idea of a good time seems to be pulsing madness in the area of black death. While Ritual Genocide is perhaps less fun compared to Defecrator, its blasphemy against the living is something to be marveled at and perhaps quarantined for public safety.

The Anti-Human Deathcult/Death Exalted split for all its titling nightmares is well worth the journey though ashen fields scorched with disease and sin. Both bands espouse a highly anti existence sentiments and are militant in their desire to eradicate all life from the world. This is done not through violence but rather the scorching of senses through waves of filth and ruin. In the obliteration cult, dangerous acolytes weird ceremonial daggers.