Cosmic Void Ritual – Gateways Through Septic Flesh [US, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 6-7-17

This is it. My everything. Few times is there a corning of an aesthetic that works so perfectly that it is staggering to thing how a band arrived at it. Not only does the Us based Cosmic Void Ritual worship the idea mystic astronomy and Lovecraftian entities but the devotion to surgical autopsy of aliens. While this sounds bizarre and niche, the crawling otherworldly sounds of Cosmic Void Ritual make this short demo / EP more than worth the trip through the astral plane.

Gateways Through Spetic Flesh is only a little over 12 minutes but for that entirety, the listener is pulled into a world where surgical equipment sits on ancient stone tables surrounded by mystic priests of an ancient and unspeakable religion. From the album cover to the ruminating lo fi death metal, this is an aesthetic which is only applicable to a few people but those people will be electrified by its atmosphere. Few bands can conjure up such a vivid picture of cosmic portals that lay int he carcasses of being from beyond time itself.

Cosmic Void Ritual swings for the fences with a debut that seemingly came out of nowhere. They have yet to be added to the Metal Archives and have an unsurprising void on social media. In fact, the only mention of the name Cosmic Void Ritual came from one of those “What is Your Band Name” generators with someone humorously mentioning they got Cosmic Void Ritual. Maybe that was the invocation in which we got this demo. I am fine with the end of the world.