BLK OPS / KRVSHR [US, Sludge / Doom / Hardcore] (2017)


Self Released | 6-11-17

I think I have made mention of my aversion to doom. My hesitance for the genre doesn’t come from my disdain of the sound rather the glut of bands who play in the formula of the style. This isn’t an anomaly in metal as I gravitate towards anything black or death which plays in the genre. Doom and sludge do not interest me as much and aside from this personal preference, there are a few which break through my prejudice. If a band sounds like it was birthed in the bathroom of a shitty dive bar, I am there with outstretched hands.

Both of these bands on the split are from Austin or maybe surrounding areas. In the bleak desert of Texas there exists a desire to combine hardcore, sludge, doom, noise, and whatever else is laying around to make music that cares less about genre and more about turning listeners into victims. BLK OPS (not usually capitalized but for this review it will be) is the more hardcore out of the bunch with two punishing songs which feel like rusted garden tools being thrown at random. KRVSHR (See previous note) has more sludge doom in their sound but the agression and pure ruin of their sound is fitting for the split. Aside from any preconceptions I had for the sound, this split is enough to educate me on the possibility of people operating outside of the genre and most importantly without a license or care for the safety of others.

Splits are a fantastic way of picking up multiple bands from the same release. Additionally, now I will know there exists a small scene of maniacal sludge doom in Autin which will give me a reason to either seek out more music from the area of go the long way around the city next time passing through. This split which I capitalized intentionally has everything that you could want from heavy music just mixed in with scraps of metal that probably haven’t been cleaned in ages.