SunSpell / Suadade – From the Mist… We Are but Dust [US / Canada, Black] (2017)


Iron Bonehead | 06 – 09 – 17

Reviewing an Iron Bonehead release feels like cheating since this label is legendary for being consistent with their output. Not only does this label find and support great acts, but their status only grows with each release. This is why a split from two up and coming artists isn’t much of a find but rather a sure bet in the gambling parlor of the underworld.

If we are looking at pure content per split, then this SunSpell / Suadade release has 37 minutes of all decent black metal which dips and dives in interesting directions. From the emotionally wrought 20 minute selections with atmospheric introductions from SunSepll to the emotionally draining window smashing from Suadade, From the Mist… We Are but Dust becomes less of a casted off split and more a premiere offering from two bands few have heard of.

Even though Iron Bonehead did most of the heavy lifting in finding and courting these two bands, everyone else is a winner with a split that is apart of 2017 and indicative of the interesting avenues being explored by black metal. Here are two bands working in a style explored by others but with a fresh sense of decay that is acrid to the eyes.