Animo Aeger – Ab​-​Fakt [Germany, Black] (2017)


Cirsium Kollektivet | 6-25-17

By any means necessary. The German outfit known as Amino Aeger may not be a household name but it only takes a few minutes into their work for it to make an impression. Sure this all falls under the realm of black metal but by the first minute of the Ab​-​Fakt EP, the listener realizes that this is not really a release but the ravings of a wild animal and all of the doors are now locked.

Looking at the members for this band, one will see the common thread being Cruda Sorte — another German outfit with slightly less manic outbursts. Animo Aeger being thought of as the violent alter ego in contrast to the tempered and reserved Cruda Sorte. Where one layers themselves in atmosphere and ruination, the other swings wildly with rusted metal sticking out of cinder block. Ab-Fakt is so bizarre but with a thin thread holding the whole production together, it becomes a marvel to experience. This is what it sounds like before the arson is started.

Finding connections between previously known bands is fantastic and only adds to the dense patchwork of insanity. Amino Aeger was such a treat to find that it surpasses Curda Sorte only on the basis of raw energy and bizarre antics. I told people this was like Peste Noire little brother if they had fireworks and an eye for property destruction. I do not know what type of family those two would be apart of but some things are best left no to the imagination.