Obscure Burial – Imago Mortis [Finland, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 6-29-17

Well, fuck. It was only recently that I discarded the category of “Single” for this site as bands usually do not release singles. Here we are with a single from Obscure Burial and me looking fucking stupid. I guess a single could work in the same fashion of a demo though this one seems to be from a forthcoming debut. Whatever it is and whatever you want tocall it, the clouds and winds are just right for some hellish storms.

Aside from Obscure Burial have one of the coolest names that I am surprised hasn’t already been claimed by a larger band, the sound of this Finnish project is that which is out of a storybook. Not only is the house of “Imago Mortis” built on a foundation of riffs but the chaos which acts as mortar is enough to make the prospect of an entire record more enticing. This is death metal in the style of the old masters like Possessed just with better production and perhaps just as much crazy antics going on in their head.

Obscure Burial’s debut demo was one of the first releases covered on this site way back in 2014. I made mention that it was a fantastic release despite the production quality. Now look at us. Three years later and all of us wiser and dying for some occultic death that sounds like the spilling of alien beings in candlelit temples. Strange how far we have come.