I I / Lihhamon – Miasmal Coronation [Germany, Black / Death] (2017)


11-24-17 | Ván Records

If the swirling and cacophonous introduction of “Indoctrination of Deaths Command” is not enough to get you in the mood for complete obliteration, then I do not know what to tell you. Miasmal Coronation is a split with two new and relatively unknown black / death outfits from Germany. with an embrace of war themes and a sneering disdain for most things living, this split is a ferocious explosion of anti-human sentiments.

Splits are a fantastic way of experiencing new bands centered around a theme. I I, which stands for Infernal Invocation, seems to be on of the many projects from the people in bands like Bloody Vengeance and Antlers. With only one EP before this, I I comes out screaming with a groovy taker on black metal that does not let up its grip on whoever’s throat is closest. Lihhamon, in contrast, is barley keeping themselves together with a chaotic landslide if blast beats and looming riffs. It is a symphony of madness and terror which erupts out of a void.

One of my favorite things to do when hearing new bands is searching around for related side projects. The Miasmal Coronation has clued me into a handful of German black/death and related projects including Serpent, Toxic Beast, Evil Warriors, and Vent. All of these are new to me and all of them look horrendous and intriguing.