Apologoethia – Pillars [Spain, Black] (2017)


Self Released | 11-24-17

Listening to records is important .. obviously. I base my initial searches based on album art so I find the visual compenet to be just as important. Though the artwork for Pillars initially grabbed my attention, it wasn’t until after diving into this Spanish act’s music that I found my judgement wrong. Here I thought I was in store for some raw lo-fi black or death metal and what I got was decent production that holds court in the backwaters of black and death metal and doesn’t swear allegiance to anyone in particular.

It is prodigally halfway through the second track “De Humanae Natura,” that this EP really spreads its wings. With enough black metal to keep it in flight but with enough changes to keep it weird, Apologoethia is truly a unique release in that I do not really know where to put it on a shelf. Aside from the inability to be classified, the care and dedication which comes with the music for a debut release really puts this group on the track for success.

Judgments made to quick allow for mistakes and also the possibility of missing great music. what I thought was going to be a noisy release turned out to be a winding path of dark spirits and monsters too complex to describe. Pillars is a fantastic release from a country not associated with high metal exports. This is a great beginning.