Agonic Death – Under the Mark of the Devil [Chile, Death / Thrash] (2017)


Self Released | 12-7-17

Let us be entirely honest and say this is not from 2017. Back in September of 2016, 100 tapes of Under the Mark of the Devil EP were released probably to a small group of people. In 2017, the band put out the Ep again with different art to the protest of no one. Actual release dates get murky when you deal on this level and for all intents and purposes, this death/thrash release can occupy two spaces.

Regardless of when this was released, Under the Mark of the Devil is a wild ride through some of the highlights of classic death metal. From the squelching guitars, lurid bass lines, and intros which make ones fist clench in dark triumph, Agonic Death is nothing but a throwback party which smells like leather, beer, and festering flesh.

For a cover that looks war metal to a name that looks classic death to a sound that is more in line with flinging beer bottles at gravestones, Agonic Death pummels through the end of the year with boot stomping grooves and riffs which last for days.