Barshasketh / Outre – Sein / Zeit [New Zealand / Poland, Black] (2017)


Third Eye Temple | 12-18-17

Before beginning, I want to acknowledge the cover art/layout for this split as being one of the coolest covers of the year. Though I am confused who did the cover since the Metal Archives has the personal sort of mixed up, the artwork looks similar to Fenomeno Design which did Barshasketh’s 2015 album. I know someone is responsible and it fits aesthetically with this split. Even if this is just a rearrangement of classical artwork, the colors and layout are phenomenal and is something I want on all covers of metal albums.

Sein / Zeit is a conceptual split based on Martin Heidegger’s 1927 book Sein & Zeit (Being and Time). Both bands took part of the title and devoted a song around the concept of existentialism. In all honesty, the Barshasketh works the best with the subject matter as their arcane style of black metal fits the framework of philosophy more than the Outre selections. Actually, if Outre took on the mantle of being with Time being the realm of Barshasketh, it would work better aesthetically. It is not that I did not enjoy Outre rather the chaotic style of black metal which bleeds into hardcore territory jars with the heady sounds of Barshasketh.

Small criticisms aside, the Sein / Zeit split is a great way of introducing yourself to two bands who seem to have it down when it comes to aesthetic presentation. This split comes on multiple versions of vinyl which I am sure will be high on your list of presents for the holidays to give to loved ones. Who wouldn’t love a conceptual split on the subject on ontology?