Eofor – Demo 15 [UK, Raw Black] (2017)


Legion Blotan | 12-22-17

Good lord, I do not even know if I should be listening to this. No Metal Archives. No Facebook. IU am actually just guessing at the country as the only information seems to be repsresnation from a local faction called Legion Blotan which represents a slew of raw black and death acts. The things about anonymity is that there is an aesthetic adopted by bands by psudonymns and intentional erasure of information, then there are bands like Eofor who walk the line of existence.

I do not think I would be so enamored with this demo if not for the fact that beneath layers of raw production and zero information sits a demon which has the atmosphere, attitude, and talent to do almost anything. It isn’t like this band just needs a little bit more shine for their sound to be marketable. Demo 15 (whatever that means) is a wonderful dive into perhaps some of the more primal sounds of the year with zero fucks given about how it sounds. While this strategy can be employed by almost anyone, the success rate is very low with the ones who survive emerging stronger from their journey.

I do not expect this to be discussed anywhere. In fact, I will be surpised if I hear anything else from this band. Whoever Legion Blotan is, I do hope they continue putting out unique items like this as they are oddities and cursoties for fine collectors of infernal sounds.