Demon Eye – Leave The Light [US, Stoner Doom / NWOBHM] (2014)

Soulseller Records | 1-30-14

Soulseller Records | 1-30-14

Okay, I can get down with this sound. Demon Eye proudly states their name was taken from a lesser known Deep Purple song of the same name. I feel the band is proud of this as Demon Eye seems infatuated with he dark side of the late 60’s and early 70’s. In fact, the stoner doom tag could be amended to proto-doom as Demon Eye has decided that 2014 is no time for them and 1971 fits their lifestyle much better.

It is important to note that with Leave the Light, the band’s debut album, one is subscribing to a whole lot of groove. Songs like “Shades of Black” and “The Banishing” have a tempo which makes it not impossible to gyrate back in forth as in some stoned honky-tonk. This fact, makes Demon eye interesting as the band does not pick and choose which parts of the 1970’s they are resurrecting. The stoner doom wave of the mid-00’s saw the swagger and tone of early heavy metal but only in partial costume. Leave the Light celebrates the heavily revered days of early metal, in full, even when venturing out into the fields of demonic hard rock. It is true Demon Eye is only partially heavy but the fires of Satan which are now in your feet will compel you to dance.

I have a soft spot for this sound. Not only do I enjoy early metal, but the recreated sound is so nostalgic for a time when I was not even alive. Demon Eye’s tone is warm and inviting and when mixed with general occult themes. Songs like “Fires of Abalam” and “Secret Sect” have fully thrown themselves on the pyre of escapism and for this I couldn’t be more into it. Leave The Light is for anyone born in the wrong decade or just obsessed with occult themes which give into a blues based boogie.