Strix – Obscurent Nos Tenebrae [Italy, Black] (2022)


Dolomia Nera | 10-31-22

If there is anything that can be said about Strix, outside of having a cool name, is their longevity. Formed in the mid 00’s this black metal duo has weathered over a decade of existence with one full length, one EP, two demos, and now two splits. Strix releases are nothing but glacial and one would think this void of production would lead to a 2022 split that would be average. Obscurent Nos Tenebrae is anything but with 12 minutes of misanthropic rain which pours from the its black skies. These two songs are so deft in their execution it is a wonder why this act only releases something once a decade. The two songs are accompanied by a band called Inverno. I would mention more about their contribution but there seems to be nothing on Bandcamp. Regardless the sheer presentation of Strix out of almost a decade of silence is impressive and combined with stunning artwork makes this split one for a desolate night.