Nechbeyth – Coerce Creed [Singapore, Black / Death] (2014)

Iron Bonehead | 1-13-14

Iron Bonehead | 1-13-14

Yes, absolutely. Your first experience with the Singapore band Nechbeyth should most definitely be this short EP. This is not to say the band’s debut album Blood.Axis.Domination lacks in quality rather Nechbeyth’s brand of dissonant and structureless chaos is best experience either in short bits or with a licensed counselor who can guide you through the more difficult parts.

In 2012, I wrote an article on the history of Singaporean extreme metal. I say extreme metal because there seemed to be less interest in specific genre division and more of an embrace for communal madness. It was all really fast, horrid, and full of chaos. This style breathed throughout Singapore in the 90’s and 00’s and is even carried today by bands like Impiety. I only mention the history of Singaporean heavy metal since Nechbeyth seems to be another grand installment in the continual exploration of anarchy with or without the aid of high production. Coerce Creed is the band’s second official release and first on Iron Bonehead. Something tells me they will fit right in.

Coerce Creed is 17 minutes but adequately states the band’s ability to create hellish pandemonium in a small room. Much like the band’s debut, the amount of reverb on the vocals gives the atmosphere a menacing, and sometimes disorientating edge. I can not stress how chaotic this release is, surpassing the likes of Portal, Abyssal, and maybe even Nuclearhammer. Nechbeyth is lawlessness where the old doctrines of audience sympathy have been long forgotten. If one is ready for a chaotic awakening which serves question the concepts of accessibility then Coerce Creed is here to guide you through maddening caverns.