Triumvir Foul – An Oath of Blood and Fire [US, Death] (2014)

Self Released |4-13-14

Self Released |4-13-14

Yes. Alright who is ready for some West Coast American death? I just hope you do not want too much information about this group as I have very little. I can promise little aside from menacing joy. From what I can gather, Triumvir Foul is a Portland two piece who has made it their goal in life to worship at the church of OSDM. Armed with influences and a penchant for shredding, this band plans to make its mark with the blood of whoever just got run over by the bulldozer. When madness and destruction are the sermons, devotion becomes a hellish experience.

An Oath of Blood and Fire differs from other death metal records in a couple of ways. First of all, the OSDM flag though being waved does not define this band as other Swedish or USDM revivalists. Though the early 90’s is an inspiration, Triumvir Foul has its own contemporary identity. If nothing else, An Oath of Blood and Fire separates itself from the pack by its sheer aggression and mix which only consists of two players. What the band lacks in a sheen production they make up for with a record full of broken glass and guitar solos.

I am taking a guess An Oath of Blood and Fire is a demo though it very well could be an EP. For only 3 dollars for digital and 6 dollars for cassette, Triumvir Foul is worth one’s time and effort. The band’s effective and sometimes odd choices for where to put guitar solos more than makes the trip worthwhile. An inclusion of Autopsy’s “Embalmed” not only fills out the later part of the 4 song release but also shows the type of music which is responsible for this type of record. Perhaps I will do another review of this band’s material or even another for the same album when I get more information. Sometimes one does not need much information to get flattened by the bulldozer.