Khthoniik Cerviiks – Heptaedrone [Germany, Black / Death] (2014)

Iron Bonehead | 8-12-14

Iron Bonehead | 8-12-14

If one thing I am thankful for with Heptaedrone, it is the minute long introduction which precedes the actual music. Not only does the introduction set the mood with atmosphere and sound effects but it also gives a brief pause before the world comes collapsing in on itself. Take whatever you can get because there will be no room to breathe for the next 43 minutes.

From only releasing promotional materiel and rehearsals, German black death band Khthoniik Cerviiks sure do have an image already set. Heptaedrone is filled with horrors which could only come from the an apocalyptic wasteland after the fall of civilization. Here are where cybernetic monsters ravage the last remaining survivors and blood cults ensure the survival of future generations. Whether or not this is actually what band intended is secondary to the fact that Heptaedrone is a prompt to unique horror which floods the minds of the listener.

If one is going to enjoy Heptaedrone, then near anarchy should be seen as an attribute. Khthoniik Cerviiks plays at a breakneck pace and there is a pervasive feeling that everything could collapse at a moments’ notice. With that said, Heptaedrone can not help itself but have fun. Songs like “Elektriik Redeemer” are unabashed in its level their excitement. A pick slide and breakdown is more interesting when done from the pits of a ruined wasteland. Khthoniik Cerviiks may have an nontraditional approach in terms of lyrical approach but the resulting product in nothing short of terrifying. Come only is you have an appetite for black death in the year 2525.