Lizzard Wizzard – Lizzard Wizzard [Australia, Stoner Doom] (2013)

Self Released

Self Released

I usually like to focus on music from the current calendar year but something about Lizzard Wizzard spoke to me. I do not know what it was. Maybe it is the cassette package which comes with a d20, doob tube, and patch in addition to a green cassette. Maybe it is because the band seems to give zero fucks about fitting into a serious role. Maybe it is because there are sometimes when heavy stoner doom is the best thing to listen to. Maybe it is because the band does exceptionally well when given a task. Actually, I think it is the d20. That is pretty amazing.

Lizzard Wizzard plays a specific type of doom which is influenced, or advertised, as a classic stoner daydream. The tabletop paraphernalia, marijuana accessories, and love for sewing patches onto things fits this type of music into a archetype. Combine this with an crude and non-sequential humor in their song titles and one has a basement filled with laughter and bong smoke. This is pretty much what Lizzard Wizzard is — the moment when things become confusing and you realize you may have had too much and everyone around you is really an alien.

It is easy to roll your eyes at Lizzard Wizzard since everything the band wants to be comes packed together. Despite upfront honesty, the band’s music nails the source material and is recommended for anyone into bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard, Bongzilla and even the old cranky sludge bands of the 1990’s. Make no mistake, the band does not let up on the brutality in which stoner doom can reach. The heavy riffs of songs like “Twilight of the Terminator” and “Bong Dive” are more than enough to smooth over weak spots in the album. Even at these moments, the band still has a charm of relatable musicians with possibly geeky interests. I am waiting for the rest of the 6 polyhedral dice to make a set. I can’t just have this with out the other dice. How am I suppose to roll for damage?